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Agate spheres

Beautiful lace banded agate sphere 40mm round ...

Sales price: $42.90

Amethyst Angel

Natural beautiful deep colour Amethyst extra large Angel ...

Sales price: $297.00

Amethyst Angels

Quality Brazilian Amethyst Angel carving 45-55mm size

Sales price: $27.50

Amethyst ball pendulum

Natural Amethyst 20mm Ball pendulum with natural Chakra ...

Sales price: $9.90

Amethyst Crystal Ball

Magnificent Amethyst Geode Ball, 90mm size full of lavender ...

Sales price: $297.00

Amethyst crystals

Natural Dark Gem quality Amethyst clusters approximately ...

Sales price: $13.20

Amethyst crystals

Natural Amethyst clusters from Brazil approximately 70mm ...

Sales price: $38.50

Amethyst Point crystals

Natural Amethyst Crystals points approximately 30mm size

Sales price: $15.40

Angel Aura Quartz cluster

Beautiful Angel Aura Quartz cluster, stunning natural ...

Sales price: $99.00

Apophylite crystals

Natural beautiful Snow White Apophylite crystals cluster, ...

Sales price: $40.70

Aqua Aura crystal clusters

Beautiful Aqua aura crystal clusters, stunning natural ...

Sales price: $99.00

Aqua Aura point crystals

Beautiful Aqua Aura crystal point crystals 40-50mm height, ...

Sales price: $27.50

Black Obsidian point crystal

Stunning Natural Black Obsidian from Brazil, Large 20x6cm ...

Sales price: $297.00

Black rainbow Obsidian crystal points

Natural Black with some rainbows Obsidian point crystals ...

Sales price: $27.50

Black Tourmaline Crystals

Natural Pure high quality Black Tourmaline pieces larger ...

Sales price: $49.50

Black Tourmaline raw crystals

Natural high Quality pure Black Tourmaline raw crystal ...

Sales price: $16.50

Black Tourmaline raw Crystals

Natural Raw Black Tourmaline crystals pieces approximately ...

Sales price: $27.50

Bloodstone point crystals

Rare natural Bloodstone point crystal, lovely natural ...

Sales price: $27.50
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