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Amethyst with Baroque pearl

Natural deep purple Amethyst 14mm round beads with stunning ...

Sales price: $198.00

Amethyst with Freshwater Pearls necklace

Natural high quality faceted Amethyst 12mm round beads with ...

Sales price: $82.50

Baroque pearl necklace

Natural Baroque pearl set in middle of silver Freshwater ...

Sales price: $198.00

Freshwater Baroque Pearl necklace

Natural mixed colours of Freshwater pearls in natural ...

Sales price: $38.50

Freshwater pearl 3 row necklace

Natural deep lilac Freshwater pearls 3 row necklace with ...

Sales price: $82.50

Freshwater pearl lariat

Natural Freshwater pearl necklace fully knotted natural ...

Sales price: $49.50

Freshwater Pearl lariat

Natural oval shape Freshwater pearl fully knotted necklace. ...

Sales price: $99.00

Freshwater Pearl lariat

Natural Freshwater pearls 6mm size fully knotted semi round ...

Sales price: $77.00

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Natural Freshwater pearl 3 tiered necklace with silver ...

Sales price: $53.90

Freshwater pearl necklace

Twisted 3 strands of beautiful white Freshwater pearls with ...

Sales price: $42.90
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