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Unakite power bracelet

Unakite 14mm round bead stretch bracelet

Sales price: $13.20

Unakite freeform bracelet

Natural Unakite freeform bracelet with approx.14mm stones ...

Sales price: $8.80

Turquoise bracelet

Turquoise colour enhanced bracelet 10mm size round beads ...

Sales price: $9.90

Turquoise bracelet

Turquoise bracelet enhanced colour 6mm round beads.

Sales price: $8.80

Tiger Eye beads bracelet

Natural top quality Gold Tiger eye 14mm round beads ...

Sales price: $27.50

Strawberry Quartz bracelet

Natural Strawberry Quartz bracelet 10mm size beads on ...

Sales price: $49.50

Smoky Quartz faceted bracelet

Natural Smoky Quartz 12mm round faceted bracelet on ...

Sales price: $29.70

Seven quartz bracelet

Natural 7 quartz (super7) bracelet 12mm round beads, rare ...

Sales price: $143.00

Rutliated Quartz cabochon bracelet

Natural Golden Rutilated quartz bracelets from Brazil

Sales price: $154.00

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Natural Super Pink Brazilian Rose Quartz 12mm round beads ...

Sales price: $49.50
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