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Dalmation Jasper necklace with pendant

Dalmation jasper 8mm beads necklace with silver spacer ...

Sales price: $31.90

Lapis Lazuli necklace with teardrop pendant

Natural Lapis lazuli 8mm beads with silver spacer every 3 ...

Sales price: $38.50

Citrine necklace

Citrine beads 12mm round with silver 3mm ball spacer 46cm ...

Sales price: $75.90

Smoky Quartz faceted necklace

Natural Smoky Quartz faceted 12mm beads 44cm length ...

Sales price: $75.90

Smoky Quartz faceted beads

Natural Smoky Quartz faceted necklace with 12mm and 6mm ...

Sales price: $75.90

Rose Quartz necklace with teardrop pendant

Rose Quartz 8mm beads with attached Rose quartz teardrop ...

Sales price: $27.50

Lapis Lazuli beads necklace

Natural deep blue Lapis lazuli 12mm Beads necklace with ...

Sales price: $49.50

Labradorite Necklace with Pendant

Natural Faceted 6mm Labradorite beads with 25mm teardrop ...

Sales price: $154.00

Amethyst with Baroque pearl

Natural deep purple Amethyst 14mm round beads with stunning ...

Sales price: $198.00

Red Coral with Baroque pearl necklace

Natural Baroque pearl mounted in centre of stunning large ...

Sales price: $198.00
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