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Gemstone Necklaces

Amethyst necklace

Natural Amethyst fancy style necklace

Sales price: $31.90

Amethyst necklace with heart pendant

Natural Amethyst beads necklace with Amethyst heart pendant

Sales price: $31.90

Banded Onyx necklace

Natural banded Onyx 12mm beads with 40mm oval banded Onyx ...

Sales price: $31.90

Black Onyx & Red Coral necklace

Natrual Balck onyx beads with Red Coral beads

Sales price: $104.50

Black Onyx faceted necklace

Natural Black Onyx faceted bead necklace

Sales price: $41.80

Black Onyx necklace

Black onyx designer beaded necklace with 8mm round and 45mm ...

Sales price: $52.80

Black Onyx necklace

Natural Black Onyx 14mm round beads necklace with silver OR ...

Sales price: $31.90

Black Onyx Necklace

Natural Black Onyx banded necklace

Sales price: $52.80

black Onyx necklace

Natural Banded black Onyx necklace

Sales price: $64.90

Black onyx necklace with pendant

Natural Black onyx beaded necklace with Black onyx pendant

Sales price: $31.90