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Amethyst with Baroque pearl

Natural deep purple Amethyst 14mm round beads with stunning ...

Our price: $198.00

Amethyst with Freshwater Pearls necklace

Natural high quality faceted Amethyst 14mm round beads with ...

Our price: $99.00

Baroque Pearl necklace

Stunning natural shape Baroque Freshwater Pearls 20 to 30mm ...

Our price: $198.00

Baroque Pearls necklace

Natural unique shapes abound in this stunning Pearl ...

Our price: $77.00

Baroque pearls pendant

Stunning natural Baroque sea pearls 30mm sizes ...

Our price: $198.00

Baroque Pearls with Rose Quartz Necklace

Natural Pink Baroque Pearls 17mm size with lovely finest ...

Our price: $198.00

Black Onyx and Freshwater pearl necklace

Natural Black Onyx 8mm round beads with natural Freshwater ...

Our price: $77.00

Black Onyx with Baroque Pearls necklace

Stunning Black Onyx 10mm faceted beads necklace with ...

Our price: $198.00

Black Onyx with Pearls Necklace

Classic and elegant necklace combining 14mm round polished ...

Our price: $198.00

Black Pearls Necklace

Black Freshwater pearls 11-13mm rounds with beautiful ...

Our price: $385.00
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