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Agate Bracelet

red Agate with lovely natural Agate banding 12mm size round ...

Our price: $13.20

Agate Bracelet

Stunning Natural banded lace Agate bracelet 14x10mm barrels ...

Our price: $16.50

Agate Green Gold bracelet

Natural Yellow Green Agate faceted cut 14mm stretchy ...

Our price: $27.50

Amethyst & Chakra gems bracelet

Natural high quality Amethyst 8mm round beads with Chakra ...

Our price: $19.80

Amethyst AAA grade bracelet

Natural AAA top grade Amethyst 14mm round bead bracelet, ...

Our price: $99.00

Amethyst chevron Bracelet

Natural Australian Amethyst with chevron pattern in some ...

Our price: $19.80

Amethyst Chunky Chips Bracelet

Stunning deep purple highest quality Amethyst bracelet with ...

Our price: $14.30

Amethyst designer bracelet

stunning designer Amethyst 8mm round beads bracelet with ...

Our price: $29.70

Aquamarine Bracelet

Natural Aquamarine from Afghanistan 9mm round beads on ...

Our price: $99.00

Black Obsidian bracelet

Natural Black Obsidian 8mm round beads bracelet. Strung on ...

Our price: $9.90
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