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Crystal Quartz Turtle carving

Natural Crystal Quartz Turtle carving 40x30mm size

Our price: $19.80

Dalmation Jasper Turtle Carving

Natural Dalmation Jasper Turtle carving 40x30mm

Our price: $19.80

Dragons Blood stone unicorn

Natural Australian dragons blood jasper unicorn carving ...

Our price: $49.50

Gemstone bird carving

Beautiful Parrot hand carved from natural Gemstones. Body ...

Our price: $49.50

Gemstone Bird Carving

Beautiful Gemstone Parrot hand carved bird carving with ...

Our price: $49.50

Green Aventurine Quartz Turtle Carving

Natural Green Aventurine Turtle Carving 40x30mm size

Our price: $19.80

Jasper Elephant carving

Natural banded Red Jasper elephant carving 50x30mm size

Our price: $19.80

Lapis Lazuli Elephant carving

Beautifully carved large 130x100mm Natural LAPIS LAZULI ...

Our price: $385.00

Natural Chinese Jade Buddha carving

Stunning large Beautiful Green Nephrite Jade Buddha carving ...

Our price: $1320.00

Natural JADE luck Dragon carving

SPECTACULAR natural Jadeite carving Chinese Luck dragon, ...

Our price: $935.00

Natural Rose Quartz elephant carving

Beautiful high quality Rose Quartz elephant carving with ...

Our price: $297.00

Natural Serpentine Elephant carving

Beautifully carved from Peruvian Serpentine this extra ...

Our price: $297.00

Natural Serpentine Frog on lilypad carving

Natural beautiful Greens in this stunning Peruvian ...

Our price: $297.00

Opalite elephant carving

Opalite elephant carving 50x30mm size

Our price: $19.80

Rhodochrsite Coral reef carving

Stunning one off unique and rare Argentinian Rhodochrosite ...

Our price: $990.00

Rose Quartz Angel carving

Natural Rose Quartz Angel carving approximately 50x30mm ...

Our price: $19.80

Sodalite Elephant carving

Natural Sodalite elephant carving 50x30mm size

Our price: $19.80

Tiger Eye elephant

Natural Tiger eye elephant carving 50x30mm size ...

Our price: $19.80

Tiger Eye Turtle carving

Natural Australian Tiger Eye Turtle hand made carving ...

Our price: $19.80

Turquoise elephant carving

Turquoise Elephant carving approximately 50x30mm size

Our price: $19.80

Unakite Turtle Carving

Natural Unakite Turtle Carving 40x30mm size

Our price: $19.80
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