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Burmese Jadeite earrings

Natural Burmese Jadeite 14mm ball earrings

Our price: $20.90

Jade earrings

Green Jade 10mm ball earrings

Our price: $9.90

Burmese Jade bracelet

Natural Jadeite Jade from Himalayas in Myanmar, 14mm round ...

Our price: $99.00

Natural Jade necklace

Natural 12mm round Burmese Jade necklace 45cm length with ...

Our price: $85.80

Natural Jade necklace

Natural Burmese Jade necklace 70cm length 10mm round beads ...

Our price: $198.00

Natural Chinese Jade Buddha carving

Stunning large Beautiful Green Nephrite Jade Buddha carving ...

Our price: $1320.00

Natural JADE luck Dragon carving

SPECTACULAR natural Jadeite carving Chinese Luck dragon, ...

Our price: $935.00

Burmese Jadeite bangle

Stunning natural Jadeite bangle cut from one natural piece ...

Our price: $495.00

Burmese Green Jadeite Bangle

Beautiful Burmese Green Jadeite bangle, cut from one ...

Our price: $297.00

Burmese Lavender Jade Bangle

Stunning rare Lavender Jadeite from Northern Myanmar ...

Our price: $990.00
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