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Blue Aragonite tumbled stone

Beautiful Blue Aragonite tumbled polished stone 2-3cm size

Our price: $3.85

Green Obsidian tumbled stone

Mt St Helens Green Obsidian tumbled pieces, smoothly ...

Our price: $3.85

Opalite tumbled stone

Extra large polished Opalite stone 4cm size

Our price: $9.90

Blue Apatite tumbled stone

Natural high quality Blue Apatite from Madagascar 2-3cm ...

Our price: $4.95

Ruby in Fuscite tumbled stone

Super high quality Natural Ruby crystals formed in Green ...

Our price: $16.50

Goldstone tumbled stone

Sparkles abound in this high quality Goldstone tumble ...

Our price: $9.90

Black Tourmaline tumbled

Natural Black Tourmaline smooth polished tumbled stones ...

Our price: $3.85

Blue Fluorite Crystals

Natural deep Blue Fluorite crystals 1-2cm size pieces

Our price: $8.80

Crystal Quartz tumbled stone

Natural Crystal Quartz smooth polished super clear pieces ...

Our price: $4.40

Citrine tumbled stone

High quality Citrine with beautiful deep gold colours. ...

Our price: $4.40

Strawberry Quartz tumbled stone

Strawberry Quartz (man made) 2-3cm size smooth polished ...

Our price: $4.40

Shungite tumbled stone

Natural Shungite smooth polished stone 3cm size from ...

Our price: $9.90

Pink Andean Opal tumbled stone

Rare Pink Andean Opal fund in the heights of the Andes ...

Our price: $19.80

Mahogany Obsidian tumbled stone

Natural Mahogany Obsidian smooth polished tumbled stone ...

Our price: $3.30

Rose Quartz tumbled

Natural high quality Pink Rose Quartz smooth polished ...

Our price: $4.40

Rhodonite Tumbled stones

Natural High quality Australian Rhodonite 3cm smooth ...

Our price: $5.50

Apache tears

Natural Apache tears Obsidian formation from USA 3-4cm size ...

Our price: $5.50

Mango Calcite tumbled stone

Natural Pink Mango Calcite, lovely light pink. Fluoresces ...

Our price: $9.90

Leopard Jasper tumbled stone

Natural Leopard Jasper smooth polished tumbled stones 2-3cm ...

Our price: $4.40

Moonstone tumbled stone

Natural cream to grey colour Moonstone from India 2-3cm ...

Our price: $3.30

Red Coral pieces

Lovely large chunks of Red Coral approximately 40mm size

Our price: $9.90

Brecciated Jasper tumbled stone

Natural Brecciated (term to describe the pattern) ...

Our price: $4.40

Aqua Aura crystals

Beautiful Aqua Blue Aqua Aura Quartz crystals 2-4cm size

Our price: $5.50

Smoky Quartz Crystals

Natural Smoky Quartz crystals points various shades of ...

Our price: $5.50

Tourmaline in Quartz tumbled stone

Natural Black Tourmaline crystals in Quartz large 4cm ...

Smoky Quartz tumbled

Highest Quality Smoky Quartz tumbled stones approximately ...

Our price: $5.50

Sodalite tumbled stone

High Quality Brazilian Sodalite tumbled stones 3cm size

Our price: $4.40

Hematite tumbled stones

Natural Australian Iron ore smoothly polished Hematite, ...

Our price: $4.40

Aqua Aura Quartz tumbled stones

Beautiful Aqua Aura Quartz tumbled stones 2-4cm size smooth ...

Our price: $3.30

Amethyst tumbled stone

Natural deep purple Amethyst tumbled stones 3cm size pieces

Our price: $5.50

Garnet tumbled stones

Deep Red natural Garnet tumbled stones approximately 2-3cm ...

Our price: $5.50

Quartz natural point crystals

Lovely natural clear Quartz point crystals, each piece is ...

Our price: $5.50

Amethyst Aura Quartz tumbled stones

Deep purple Amethyst Aura tumbled polished stones 2-3cm size

Our price: $3.30

Lava rock tumbled stone

Natural Lava rock from Volcano, pieces approximately 2-3cm

Our price: $5.50

Black Obsidian tumbled stone

Natural Black Obsidian smooth polished pieces 2-3cm sizes

Our price: $4.40

Tektite tumbled stone

Natural Tektite Meteorite (black obsidian) smooth tumbled ...

Our price: $5.50

Atlantiscite tumbled stone

Rare natural Atlantiscite (Serpentine green with Stichtite ...

Our price: $5.50

Chiastolite tumbled stone

Natural Chiastolite (Maltese cross stone) tumbled stone ...

Our price: $5.50

Dalmation Jasper tumbled stones

Dalmation Jasper tumbled stones 3cm size pieces

Our price: $4.40

Blue Tiger Eye tumbled stones

Natural rare Blue Tiger Eye tumbled stones, 2-3cm size ...

Our price: $4.40

Light Green Obsidian

Light Green Obsidian tumbled stones 2-3cm sizes

Our price: $4.40

Turquoise nuggets

Turquoise Nuggets (colour enhanced) 3cm sizes

Our price: $5.50

Turitella Agate tumbled stones

Natural Fossils, Turitella shells in Agate from NSW. Pieces ...

Our price: $3.30

Pyrite tumbled polished

Lovely 30mm size tumbled polished Pyrite gems with crystals ...

Our price: $9.90
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